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Shipping Policy


Pre-orders ( Preorder ): please allow a minimum delay of 4 to 20 working days & maybe more in certain cases of rarer parts ( 2Fast , Top Performance & more). We do our best to receive your parts as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding.


If you paid by PayPal or credit card, the money will be debited from your account on the day your order ships. Bank transfer, your order is taken care of upon receipt of payment. If your order has not yet been dispatched, we are making every effort to process your order as quickly as possible.

Everything in stock

Shipping is done no later than 24 hours after placing the order. We ship with Purolator 1-2 business days. The PRODUCTS are shipped to the delivery address(es) that the CUSTOMER has indicated during the ordering process. If one or more parts are not available, we will send them to you upon receipt of the missing parts.

Free delivery

We offer free shipping for all orders over $300.

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