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Winter Storage

by Francis Sevigny on March 26, 2022

At this time of year in Quebec, many wonder when should we legally store our 2-wheeled vehicles and the steps to do so. So here is a summary.


The official dates are from December 15 to March 15 INCLUSIVELY . This means that the days of December 15 and March 15, the law applies.
So you have until December 14 at midnight to ride. And you can take out your precious gear on March 16.

These are the dates when it is mandatory to have winter tires to drive on the roads of Quebec.

SAAQ and CAA links:



The ideal is of course to store your machines in a heated place, or at least sheltered from bad weather and humidity.

1. Wash your scooter. It's always prettier to look at and best to remove bugs and stains now rather than in a few months. This prevents them from becoming embedded in the panels. And why not a little wax to protect it well?

2. Fill the gas tank. This prevents condensation from forming and rust from forming inside. You can use a gasoline stabilizer if you wish, but it is not necessary.

3. Drain the carburetor to avoid leaving gasoline sitting still for several months. It could form deposits inside the carburetor and give you trouble in the spring. There are 2 methods to empty the carburetor. Either unscrew the bowl below the carburetor, or run the engine by pinching the fuel inlet hose between the tank and the carburetor until the engine runs out of fuel to continue running. The first method is recommended.

4. Disconnect the battery (negative (-) first) and place it indoors in a warm place. The cold is very hard on the batteries. If you leave it outside, it is almost certain that it will need to be replaced next spring. Recharge it during (pun intended) winter to keep it in top shape.

5. Spray a greasy product (grease, silicone, WD40, etc.) which will serve as a rust remover on the moving and metal parts (kickstart, central foot, etc.) especially if your scooter is stored outside or in a more wet.

6. For liquid-cooled (LC) scooters, make sure you have antifreeze in the cooling system! As it freezes, the water expands and can crack your hoses/radiator/cylinder! If you don't have antifreeze, just drain the system of water.

7. If your scooter stays outside, consider locking the handlebars, and maybe even attaching it, so you can find the scooter in the same place in the spring!

8. If you are more manic, you can also take the opportunity to lubricate the cables, treat the leatherette of the seat, put protector on all the black plastics, make sure that all the bulbs are working, check the general condition of the scooter (this is the time to order the parts to restore it to perfect condition. Returned to March 15, it's less pleasant to wait for the necessary parts), etc.

In the spring, all you have to do is remove the dust and you'll be almost ready to hit the road again!
We say almost, because it is always good to check tire pressure, oil change for four-strokes, etc.

Have a good winter everyone!

This article is a revised and improved version of a post written by Secret Import on the Quebec scooter forum.


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