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Bws'R MXS GP90 - Part 1

by Francis Sevigny on March 26, 2022

Putting a new project on its 2 wheels for the first time is always accompanied by an inexplicable feeling of joy. Especially when the project in question is off the beaten track.

If there is anyone who stands out, it is Vincent. In 10 years in the field of the scooter, he made an impression! And now, why not a Bws'R, a very common model, but elongated, skimming the ground, without suspension, accompanied by a low-engine Yamaha Jog, itself mounted in MXS GP90... and all registered?

We took some pictures of a beautiful day in good company, to put this new Secret Import project on two wheels.

So we start with an original frame, laid bare. We hasten to remove unnecessary brackets and accessories for our needs in order to save weight. On small displacement engines like scooters, weight makes a noticeable difference to performance. So we put the maximum chance on our side in this way. Dieting will continue in the next steps.

The lower engine in question is already fully assembled since it has already been driven in previous years, both on a Yamaha Jog and a first generation Kiesler drag.

After confirming the desired length and height, weld the new lower engine mounting brackets in place. It's rigid, without a pendulum to dampen vibrations. Although registered, this Bws'R will see more track than road. We want to keep it simple and light.

Here is the result of the first stage of this project. Of course, this is just the beginning! Everything is still to be done, but the motivation is there!


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