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New category - Sport Fonte Cup

by Francis Sevigny on March 26, 2022

Secret Import is proud to announce the launch of a new drag category for the 2017 season: the Sport Fonte Cup!

This category is vast and open to any faired scooter powered by scooter mechanics and equipped with an air-cooled 70cc cast iron 2-stroke cylinder.

The Sport Fonte Cup allows you to participate in a real competition while limiting the costs for the participants. It allows you to live the drag craze with affordable and low-maintenance mechanics, both for newcomers and regulars.

The Sport Fonte Cup will take place during the other drag strip scooter events during the summer. Dates and tracks will be posted when official. Race distance is 1/8 mile (200m). Each event will be independent, it's not a championship with a single podium at the end of the season. There will therefore be winners on each day of the race.


The only limitations at the mechanical level are the material of the cylinder (cast iron), its displacement (70cc) and its cooling (air-cooled, AC).

  1. Air-cooled 2-stroke cylinders accepted: Malossi Sport Fonte, Top Performances Top Trophy & Black Trophy, Dr.Evo, Stage6 Streetrace and any other cast iron cylinder with an original stroke .
    The maximum piston diameter is 48mm.
    The rest of the configuration is free. You can prepare the base as you see fit and use the exhaust, carburetor, intake, ignition, variation and transmission of your choice. The cylinder can be prepared.
  2. The scooter must be in good visual, solid and safe condition.
  3. Fairings must be present.
  4. The chassis can be modified and lengthened, but must remain secure.

Questionable and visibly dangerous modifications will result in disqualification. For more information, please write to info@secretimport.tv or Secret Import on Facebook.


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